My next adventure: Valletta (Malta) – May 2024

So here I am back at home after a long Irish weekend. As usual I was being lazy, didn’t actually wake up until half 9 by which time we rushing to get down to breakfast before it closed. But all fun! After we had checked out and left our bags, we headed out for a walk in the sunshine by the river down to the ferry terminal. Earlier that day, my PA went out for some fresh air and saw a dog lying in the road after it had been knocked down. So, me being a dog lover, I was a bit nervous incase it was still there.

We decided to do a circular route crossing the river and winding our way back to the hotel upon which we discovered yet another stadium which was more to my taste as it was a glass structure (my Irish PA should of pointed this out!) and then we had some time to spare before we went to the airport for which we went in the cafe having a chat. Thoughout this blog I haven’t really said anything about the accessibility side to Dublin, as with any big city nowadays the centre is completely accessible but it is when you start to enter the suburbs you start to have issues because the drop curbs are not really drop curbs and are more like a lowered down bit of concrete!

Anyway, we had our lunch and returned to the hotel to picked up by the prearranged taxi driver (this was not Mr Perfect). We arrived at Terminal 2 at about half 3 and checked in and all that without any issues and, as on the way there, they were really helpful getting me on the plane. After waiting about an hour in the queue to take off we had a lovely flight back where it was clear skies all the way, so went spotting over Wales. We arrived back into Bristol with the ground crew not having a clue what they were doing yet again so they kind of made it up as they went along and made one of my PA’s go on the shuttle bus whilst one stayed with me. One of my PA’s that was with me was waiting for the staff to try and transfer me from the isle chair to my wheelchair (which they didn’t have a clue how to do either). She was made out to be my mother by an old lady, she’s 20! As we were being driven back to the terminal we heard on the radio that apparently I had gone missing, so god knows what happened, but anyway.

Whilst all this was happening, my other PA who was meant to be picking us up was going through an ordeal of her own as she’d never been to Bristol airport and her SATNAV took her the opposite way. One of the other PA’s voted to drive back, bless!

So it’s back to revision for my final uni exams and then it’s time for America and Canada starting in the 26th May! So be sure to check out my Wheelchair Traveller blog to see what I get myself into with two young female PA’s and of course Twitter!

See you then, Nath 🙂

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