Day 4 in Reykjavik – Whoopsies!

So it’s the end of another trip, it always goes so fast! Oh well that’s another country off my list.

Anyway, returning to last night we went on a hunt for an accessable restaurant in the City center when I had an ingenious idea. They are building a new area of Reykjavik with skyscrapers and all that so the theory was that the resteraunt there would all be accessable and that worked. After going into a few restaurants where there was no one there we settled for a burger place a bit like Gourmet Burger Kitchen. I think it was everyone’s birthday in Iceland as they were shouting out something in Icelandic and then everyone started clapping, so we joined in clapping (not knowing why we were clapping) then we retuned to the hotel to pack our stuff and be ready for the flight.

After a 6:30am start our taxi driver drove us back to the airport in plenty of time. And in that time I figured out that I’m a total numpty! We got to the checking desk with our boarding passes and then was told that the tickets I booked were for the 8th March not the 8th February. it was fine though because I knew that there was loads of flights back to the UK albeit to London or Manchester¬†in case the flights was fully booked however, we were very lucky in that, after a lot of conversation in Icelandic between the management, we were allowed to book seats on the flight that we intended to get, with time to spare to get our last souvenirs from duty free. After all the commotion, the flight was delayed anyway.

The flight seemed to pass very fast and I was surprised that Keflavik had actually looked into what you they needed to do with super bunny, so there was no issues getting off the flight at Bristol.

In the summer I am planning a month long European road trip around Scandinavia so key an eye out on facebook or Twitter for development on this. But first we have work to do at the education show in March

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