Can’t believe how quick this week has gone as we are leaving to fly to Toronto tomorrow afternoon!

Anyway we woke up at a later time and then went out for breakfast like normal after which one of my PAs went off to Macy’s to do some shopping whilst I went and got screws for the wheelchair which turned out to be the wrong ones anyway but I managed to also find some super glue which has seemed to work. Instead of getting the bus down to Lower Manhatten where we would walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, we decided to get on the subway as I was still in my manual wheelchair. I was surprised at how accessible it is as many people have said it’s not. Although it’s like London Underground where some trains are lower than others, they are all still relatively short. Some of them could probably be ok for electric wheelchairs but some lines there is a sufficient gap this may be where it is difficult.

That morning we checked online as to which stations had elevators and it seemed that the station that we wanted to get off, South Ferry was accessible. However when we got there, I discovered that there was no elevator and yet again I only had one PA who was able to get me up the steps!

The Brooklyn Bridge is a great way to view the city from a distance apart from when it starts chucking it down and it is accessible all the way, just a bit bumpy. We decided to shelter in Starbucks until the rain decided to clear and then got the subway directly back to the hotel instead of taking over an hour on the bus to get from lower Manhatten it only took about 30mins, so that’s what we are going to do today when my PA goes off to the Statue of Liberty whilst I just get the free ferry because I’m tight! On the way back I ended up becoming my PA’s personal shopper because the bag ripped so god knows how I looked being pushed around with a massive Macy’s bag containing a handbag and watch!

After relaxing in the hotel for a while it was time to go to Broadway to watch The Lion King. It was my first time seeing it and I thought it was awesome so if you like that type of thing it’s good to go and see.

As I said above, today we are going back down to Lower Manhatten to visit the Freedom Tower as well as catching the free Ferry to Staten Island so follow us on Twitter to find out what we get up to.

See you later

nath 🙂

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