My next adventure: Valletta (Malta) – May 2024

Seeing as it was our last night in New York, we decided to go to the bar for a drink. Where my PA’s found someone from Sex and the City and were being scaredy cats, but eventually managed to get a selfie with him (It was Anthony for those that care…).

As I said yesterday, we got the subway to Chambers Street which is near South Ferry but is time with an elevator hence we had no dramas like before. We left one of my PA’s to go to the Statue of Liberty which she took a millions selfies with! Whilst me and my other PA took the free ferry over to Staten Island. There’s not much actually on the island but you can get awesome views of the skyline and Statue of Liberty from the ferry which is fully accessible. After a short stay on the island and me being petrified by a pigeon inside the ferry port. We went to Starbucks for lunch and waited for my other PA to return.

Following this, we took a walk around the Freedom Tower and the 9/11 Memorial which was somber. The foundations of the twin towers have been replaced by waterfalls that seemed to be ever deeper, perhaps signalling something. We then went on a hunt for the elevator back down to the subway for which none of us could remember where it was but we eventually found it after walking aimlessly around a few blocks.

The subway took us back to Times Square which, unknown to me was a massive station and we managed to loose a PA somewhere. After being reunited, and running into Macy’s for the toilet, we went souvenir shopping and returned to the hotel.

Dinner seemed to be the best one we have had in the whole week which is typical! We then headed down to the bar.

Today we are flying to Toronto after a little walk Central Park to try and find the Alice and Wonderland Statue, which should be fun! So keep following us to see if we find it.

See you tomorrow, Nath 🙂

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