Well, stupid me and I forgot my phone last night, so couldn’t tweet on the cable car! However, I wish I had filmed it, as my PA was crapping himself, as he is afraid of heights. It made good photos though!

In terms of accessibility, well there is nothing, as it’s old, so I took my manual wheelchair and left it at one side of the river and just did a loop round. After that we decided to explore the area, and found a small, local restaurant for some tea.

Afterwards, we stopped off at a local German kiosk, for my PAs to pick up a beer. While I was driving around the shop, the shopkeeper started to speak to me in German, which I don’t understand! My French is alright though. Anyway, I went out of the shop to wait for my PA, in which time, the shop keeper decided to come out and give me a free ice cream and 2 big bottles of orange and lemonade! Who says there are no advantages to being disabled??

Today we headed from Cologne to Frankfurt, along the autobahn, which gave my PA, who was driving, an opportunity to test the van, whilst the other sat in the back scared reading her book…of course we did it safely!

We arrived at our hotel, which is a piece of architecture in itself, and had some lunch. We then decided to head out for a wander through some of the skyscrapers, getting lost in the process! We picked up some stuff for tea and had a picnic looking at the view out of the window (we’re
on the 10 th floor). As our hotel is on one of the main flight paths on the approach to Frankfurt airport, the view was great!

Tomorrow we are going explore more of Frankfurt, including another observation tower, and always the train station. I’m going to be sick of trains by time I return to Bristol.

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