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Prague and Bratislava Itinerary (and a confession)

Every time I think of Prague now, the image of the departure board at Bristol airport informing us of the flight cancellation pops into my head, hopefully that won’t happen this time around (one can hope anyway!)!

Anyway, what is the plan for Prague? Pretty much the same as the planned trip back in 2017, exploring the Gothic city centre, elevating two towers (namely the Žižkov Television Tower and the Petřín Lookout Tower) located on opposite sides of the Vltava River) and, of course, take a ride on the Prague Metro whilst we are at it!

On the 4th day of our travels, we head over to Praha Hlavní Nádraží railway station with its stunning architecture to take a 4 hour train journey down to the Slovak capital of Bratislava. As usual, I have YouTubed the types of trains that run on that route and, let’s just say, the rolling stock could do with a little refurbishment, the carriages still have compartments, I just have flashbacks to the lovely 1950 Polish train experience we had, perhaps that is the reason the tickets are so cheap? I say that, however, it wasn’t the worst train experience in my life, I have always kept this to myself but maybe now is the right time to share it with you (Apologies for the slight deviation here!).

It was 2015 and the final day Interrailing trip around Europe, we were traveling from Katowice back to Warsaw to return to London Heathrow, me being a train lover decided to book us on, what was then, the brand new high speed railway to the capital complemented by the next generation of Pendolino trains. Being only a few months old at the time, everyone was still getting used to this new tech, I rolled up as usual, however, instead of a ramp being placed down, this train had an integrated lift which the guard was supposed to lower down. It became clear after a while that the lift wasn’t going to work so instead of using a ramp like a sensible person would do, the guard rounded up several dispatches and began to physically lift Superbunny onto the train with me in it! Shortly after, two of the guys couldn’t hold it anymore leaving the other two guys to finish the job! It was only after we reached Warsaw that we discovered that the lift had never been used before and was still on the manufacturer setting of being shut off…don’t ask why!

Anyway, where was I, oh yes, Bratislava! Bratislava is a much smaller city than Prague making it a lot easier to see the majority of the sights in the time we have. Coupled with that, we are staying at the Ibis Centrum which is literally behind the Castle (one of the main attractions) and within a 20 minute walk of essentially everything! As a result, the only real plan we have is to finish the holiday with dinner at the top of the UFO tower (basically an UFO shaped tower plonked on a road bridge!)

Should be fun (as always)…:)

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