My next adventure: Valletta (Malta) – May 2024

Today was our last day in the south of France before starting to head back to Calais and guess what, my electric wheelchair still has a bad cable! Oh well we headed out in the van down to Sete, a town on the Mediterranean coast. Along the way we stopped off at a random beach for a while which included me getting out of my wheelchair and onto the beach as you can see from the Twitter photo as well standing in the water a little bit which was fun ! By this time it was midday and started to get up to 30 degrees so we decided to spend the rest of the day in the van.

We began our drive in Sete which my PA likened to a French Torquay. We then discovered a way to drive up the hill behind Sete and look out over the Mediterranean Sea before heading to a nearby town to pick up lunch.

We then looked at our road atlas and found a nice road to drive on through what looked like a national park, it kind of reminded me of driving through Switzerland with the winding roads. We then used my PA’s sat nav to find our way back to Montpelier, however, as usual, it took us on a detour which we then found out that we did a full circle followed by an hour hold up due an accident on the auto route. When we finally got back to the hotel at 7.30 pm it was time for dinner and then another day is over!

As I mentioned, tomorrow we begin heading back up through crossing the Millau viaduct and stopping over at Claremont Ferrand so keep following on Twitter and see you then!

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