Day 8 in China – Shanghai Transportation system

The plan for today was to take a ride on the Shanghai Maglev which connects the City to the airport in under 8 minutes! In order to do this, we were required to go on the Shanghai Metro. Unlike Beijing, there is a website that tells you which stations are accessible and which are not which makes life easier as you don’t have to You Tube anything (not that you can anyway). The Maglev line is situated within an interchange of several Metro lines, however as Line 2 was closest to our hotel, that was the easiest for us. Do to the newish rolling stock on Line 2, the train was level with the platform making it easy to enter and exit.

We soon arrived at the magnificant Maglev station and were escorted through the staff offices (you get to see some sights) to the lift which enabled us to access the platform. After marvelling at the architecture of the station, it was time to board…..

There is a little step up to the door and I couldn’t see a wheelchair space, however, I guess you could sit by the door (That is my weekly way of travelling!). Apparently the Maglev can reach speeds over 400 kmph but this one seemed to be limited to just over 300 kmph…..still quick. One of the highlights of the ride was passing Shanghai Disneyland which only opened last year….how exciting! If you desire to take a round trip, you are required to get off the train and check your ticket upstairs before returning back down to get on the train to return.

The next port of call was to visit one of the main shopping areas in Shanghai within which only some shops are accessible, and again you have to go hunting for ramps…..

As temperatures rose to around 34 degrees Celsius we decide to head back to the hotel via The Bund to cool off and pack ready for the 12 and a half hour flight back to Heathrow and onto Bristol tomorrow 😄

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