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Day 7 in China – A tower (Shanghai Tower) and Yu Gardens

This morning was the first morning without waking up at stupid o’clock so after a slow start we headed to the spectacular Shanghai Tower, which is the tallest in China and second tallest in the world; that is until the Jeddah Tower is completed in 2020.. Another useless fact for you!

Anyway, when we arrived we were guided through the back entrances as there were escalators down to the entrance. This involved going the wrong way through security just to come back on ourselves! Apparently the elevator up to the observation deck is the fastest in the world reaching a top speed of 18 meters/sec (40 mph) which is pretty quick! Once we’d reached the top you can marvel at the Shanghai skyline including the Bund. Of course, as the tallest building on the skyline you are looking down onto the skyline! The observation deck is accessible however there are steps at one end of the circle so you have to come back to the ramp…

After being shown how to eat Shanghai steamed dumplings, difficult with chopsticks, a spoon and no fork, we headed to Yu Bazaar which is basically a mockup of an old Chinese village with lots of shops. Most of the shops were accessible however, as with most places we have visited in China, you have go hunting for the ramp access which takes a little while. In the centre of the bazaar lies the gardens which are original and have been preserved of course as it is a very old site, it is completely inaccessible to wheelchairs unless you want to bump up and down steps as I did!…

Tonight we go to see a Chinese acrobat show before attempting to navigate the Shanghai metro tomorrow in order to reach the maglev which travels at 431km/h and covers the 30 km to the international airport in under 8 minutes. 🏯🚝😄

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