My next adventure: Valletta (Malta) – May 2024

Well as you can see we got to the hotel quite late which is why I’m writing this this morning. Yesterday we headed from Zurich to the Jungfraujoch which took us up the Jungfrau to the top of Europe. To start with we were a bit skeptical about its accessibility so we thought it would be safer just to take my manual wheelchair. We were all surprised by how helpful the staff both on the railway and at the top were, right from the start at Lauterbrunner where the guard took it upon himself to assist getting my wheelchair on the train. We had to change trains at Kliene Schnidegg where we were greeted by a forklift truck with a mobile ramp attached to it. (I thought it was a great improvisation and also I got a ride on a forklift). We reached the top of the mountain and again we were really surprised at how accessible everything was, most places with steps also had a lift somewhere.

We walked around discovering the Spynx Terrace and also attempted to drag my manual wheelchair through the snow which didn’t really work! We then realised that the train we wanted to catch back down was leaving soon so we went back to the station to find out that that one was already full so we resorted to catching the last train of the day. The staff were really helpful and gave us free drinks vouchers and also came down to the ice palace with us where, earlier we couldn’t get the lift to work. After the guy kicked it a few times it seemed to work and we were allowed to go and explore around sliding everywhere! Luckily we catches the last train back down the Jungfrau and got takeaway pizza to eat on the way to Bern. If you are thinking of going up the Jungfrau, like I said the staff are very helpful and it’s very accessible to most so just do it!

Today we are exploring Bern so as usual keep following us on Twitter and see you later.

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