Day 6 in China – Planes in Xi’an and towers in Shanghai

So here we are, our final destination, Shanghai after a 2 hour flight from Xi’an. We arrived at Xi’an airport in plenty of time (and I was excited by the dedicated airport expressway…how sad) and managed to check in without a problem with the help of Li, our guide translating on our behalf. The process was simple enough to get me and the wheelchair onto the plane, very similar to Bristol airport in that you have to visit the duty supervisor (special assistance) and then they take you in an airport wheelchair down to the gate and onto the plane whilst your own manual wheelchair goes in Oversized Baggage.

Chinese airports are so efficient compared to other countries that I have visited as around 5  minutes after the plane arrived there was an airport wheelchair waiting outside the door to take me back down to baggage reclaim. After reclaiming my wheelchair (which is surprisingly still in one piece) we were greeted by yet another tour guide called Susi, who took us to our hotel, winding our way through many towers…..

The magnificant photo that you see above is taken from my hotel room and guess  what….IT CONTAINS TOWERS!! Oh and I must add that the hotel bar in the lobby was playing the theme tune from Pirates of the Carribean which is kind of awesome!!

This evening we visited the Bund, the iconic riverfront of Shanghai with its magnificent displays of lights!

It also seems that the Chinese like take wedding photos next to the Bund and random roads with traffic… Don’t quite know what that is about but hey! I guess it’s better than standing in the middle of field taking photos of a cow.

The plan for tomorrow is to go up the Shanghai Tower (which is the second tallest building in the world….fun fact for you) for lunch followed by a trip to the theatres to see the Chinese Acrobatics Show 😄

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