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Day 6 (Yerevan) – The Zvartnots International Airport Experience

Today we headed back to Zvartnots International Airport on the outskirts of Yerevan (with the help of VMA Assistance and a wheelchair accessible van from Yerevan Home Care) to catch our flight to the UK via Rome. It’s always helpful when the airport is on the smaller side for two reasons; there is less chance to loose wheelchairs plus you aren’t rushing if you need to explain everything under the sun at check in.

Luckily we were assisted by a manager who spoke great English (and directed questions at me for a change – seems to be a thing in Armenia!) who explained that the airport has the same protocol as Oslo and Paris CDG with regards to leaving Superbunny at check in. However, this time they asked for one of the PAs to assist them taking the chair to baggage handling to ensure that the ground crew knew exactly how it operated i.e. the battery rather than ripping it apart, no surprises then that it arrived in Rome the way that we left it!

The wind blew us to Rome in good time meaning that we had a 6 hour wait in the Italian capital to sunbathe and eat at the Hilton. Although the assistance in Rome is debatable compared to Milan, it was still nice to be surrounded by ground crew who had some knowledge of electric wheelchairs…

My final adventure of the year begins in just under a week when I head back to the Mediterranean to explore Cyprus, in particular, Limassol and the ancient city of Kourion. Surprisingly this has been the hardest trip to plan this year due to the accessibility for Superbunny but let’s see how we get on regardless…

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