My next adventure: Istanbul/Eskişehir (Türkiye) – April 2024

Day 10 – I’m in Miami girl!

Finally back to proper wifi!!

It was an early start this morning as we were informed that we had to vacant our cabin by 0700 only to wait 3 hours in order to disembark at the port of Miami. It was rather smooth process until this point until one of my PA was not able to locate his luggage.

Like at the airport it was sort of easy to find accessibly taxis (well better than in the UK!) to take back to the Hilton Downtown hotel where, funny enough, I am in the same room once more, overlooking towers!

After ordering room service I decided to go for a stroll by myself catching the metro-mover into downtown Miami to visit the financial district. I liken the metro-mover to the Docklands Light Railway in London in that it is fully automated plus it is completely accessible with lifts at every station and level access onto the train. The best part is that it is free unlike the conventional metros which has to be a plus.

One thing that I like about American cities is that they have massive sidewalks so it is easier to roll around the streets within worrying that you are going to fall off the curb and the drop curbs are easy to find as well.

Tomorrow is our last full in Miami and also my 24th Birthday (I’m getting old)! So to celebrate we are heading to the Dande Land Mall to go to the Cheesecake Factory which I discovered the last time I came to America and is now my favourite place in the world!! To get there we will be using the metro-mover again and the conventional Miami metro which should be intriguing.

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