My next adventure: Valletta (Malta) – May 2024

Day 11 – Miami transportation system and its my birthday!

Yesterday was my 24th birthday and the plan was to celebrate by visiting the Cheesecake Factory at Dande Land mall which I believe is in South Miami. The journey consisted of catching the metro-mover (which I knew was accessible) from my wonder around the day before and then travelling on the conventional Metro (one of which has just gone past my window…how exciting!)

The Miami metro-mover and metro has to be one of the best in terms of accessibility that I have visited thus far, as all the stations have elavators and the metro train themselves have a low floor so you can just roll on and off! I was particularly impressed that they actually tell you in advance when a elevator is out of order as supposed to London underground where you are meant to have psychic powers.

Anyway, me being me we got off at the wrong stop (well they had a North and South station and I went for the North well and in fact it was the South that we needed to get off at). After doing a little shopping and buying presents, it was time to visit my favourite place, the Cheesecake Factory and no it’s not like the one Penny works in, in the Big Bang Theory! But its awesome all the same.

My PA that was off shift yesterday had been busy preparing a surprise for me with the help from Cristina from the Hilton Downtown for which the other two PAs did well to keep it quiet, well sort of! When I returned to the hotel, I was lead into the bar area to be greeted by a spectacular welcome by the other PA and all the catering staff! There was a violent attack of confetti and horns in my ears followed by a happy birthday song from everyone, a glittery hat on my head and a birthday medallion thrown around my neck, it was a lovely touch to the end of an awesome holiday, one of the best so far on my travels.

It is now time to return to Miami International Airport for a lovely flight to Heathrow (oh I do love night flying!!)

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