Day 11 & 12 – Open Seas (Round 3) and A Conventional Polish City (Gdynia)

Contrary to my previous post, I think one day at sea is plenty for me, however, I discovered yesterday just how many films are ‘on-demand’ so between that and gyming it, I was occupied!

Today was something of a ‘make it up as you go along’ (well that’s the story of my life but more so on this occasion) type of day as the majority of the ship decided to coach it off down to Gdansk (which is 14.5 miles from here BTW) whereas we thought it best to stay in Gdynia where the ship is docked. From prior research on YouTube, Gdynia is just your average port city and that’s what it essentially is! I think it’s better sometimes to visit places that are not necessarily on the tourist trail, that’s how you can get a real feel for a country.

I do have to say that if you are visiting Gdynia via ship, it is probably best to follow the road signs as the outskirts, let’s just say, could be better, nonetheless it’s all accessible! Now, when you think of a small port city, do you think of skyscrapers? Your answer is most likely no, however, come to Gdynia and you will see the Sea Towers towering over the city…

Why the barbed wire you may ask? When I saw the area, I instantly had flashbacks to the Quattro Towers in Madrid, the complex comprising of apartments, restaurants, Polish banks and a Marriott hotel seemed to have been plonked down in a best effort to rejuvenate what looked like a run down area. Now, this is OK providing that the buildings surrounding it do not have barbed wire protecting them, makes for good photography though!

Aside from the Sea Towers, the city also offers a harbor where a few vessels are permanently docked, a small beach and just your typical Polish city centre all of which you can probably see in 2/3 hours…

The primary reason that we returned to the ship early, however, is that as of 4pm, we won’t have any internet access until Saturday morning when we return to Southampton bringing our Baltic cruise to a finish!

It’s straight back to work for me on Sunday so any happenings over the next two days will be posted at some point on Monday along with details of my next adventure (it’s somewhere in Asia…hint hint!)

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