Day 3 & 4 – Open Seas and The Danish Capital (again!)

Firstly, I must point out that we do not have Wifi on the ship (well we do, however, it is $70 per 100 minutes used and I ain’t paying that!) hence we are simply using 4G when we are in port!

Anyway, back to yesterday when we had a full day at sea. I have become to enjoy these days as it forces you to just stop rather than rushing around lots of places tiring yourself (as well as PAs!) out. I think the majority of yesterday consisted of lying in bed listening to music/books, oh and visiting the gym (yes, for those who don’t know, I have joined the gym back home!) with a showing of The Greatest Showman on top deck to round the day off!

Today was the turn of visiting the Danish capital, Copenhagen, sound familiar? As we spent 4 days here last year, the plan was to take a leisurely stroll into town and visit what we missed i.e. a walk around Nyhavn and The Opera House. Now this is me your talking about, nothing ever seems to go to plan! We woke up this morning expecting ourselves to be docked nearish to the Opera House but no, we seemed to be docked in a cross-between industrial estate and barren wasteland some 7 mile away with the only real option to hop on the shuttle bus. In the UK, especially in Bristol where you have Avonmouth docks, you see conventional coaches with no wheelchair access to and from the city centre. We therefore thought it best to leave Superbunny to the confines of the ship and head out in the manual. A thought then crossed my mind, this ship is full of people with mobility scooters so how were they supposed to get to the centre? Unbeknown to us, the cruise line laid on accessible transport for just that purpose!

The one thing I remember Denmark (and I think Sweden has similar) in terms of accessibility is that for many of the pavements that are cobbled, they have essentially wheel lanes comprising of concrete slabs making for smooth riding. We headed down to Nyhavn to grab lunch, it needs to be noted that many restaurants in this area have steps either up or down so eating al fresco is the only viable option or, in my case, be carried down a flight of stairs!

Tomorrow is another day at sea, plan is for a little gyming and swimming before we dock in Stockholm (if we make it!!) on Thursday 😊

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