My next adventure: Valletta (Malta) – May 2024

Day 5 & 6 – Open Seas (Round 2) and A Swedish Walk in The Forest

It was yet another day at sea yesterday thus giving time to gym it with a visit to the jacuzzi for a finish, oh and watching a NATO warship exercise from afar. I think we are quite lucky on this Baltic cruise as the ship appears to be only half full meaning that if you wish to visit the gym or go for a swim, you can unlike the Caribbean cruise a few years back where you were fighting for space in the pool etc.

This morning we docked in the Swedish capital, Stockholm. Unlike Copenhagen, it is situated within walking distance of the centre (if you know where your going unlike us!). We began our meander into the centre with Superbunny by following some fellow passengers who turned out to be lost too, in fact, I’m pretty sure we did a massive circle! On consultation of Google Maps, it turned out that we still had a 45 minute walk ahead of us and it was at this point that we ditched the ‘walking into the centre’ plan. When I researched Stockholm prior to the cruise. I discovered that the city possesses a TOWER quite close to the port and it was this that became the foundation of our new plan. In order to get to the  Kaknäs Tower, it was necessary to traverse through essentially a wood or a forest, quite surreal considering it’s in the middle of the city!

The tower itself stands majestically on it’s hill and offers panoramic views, quite cheap too, around £6 pp.

On reflection of this Baltic cruise, it seems that it may have been better to have a private tour guide picking us up directly from port as it has become clear that, unlike the Caribbean, the ports are much further out of town…oh well, always a next time! Saying that, we have a tour booked for St Petersburg and sourcing one as we speak for Helsinki on Monday (fingers crossed!!).

Tomorrow, we dock in Tallinn, Estonia where the port seems to be in proximity to the centre but, as we have clearly found out today, maps lie so will be…interesting! 🙂

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