My next adventure: Valletta (Malta) – May 2024

Some may say just even getting to Uzbekistan is an achievement, however, visiting the ‘Stans’ has been on the bucket list for quite a while and here I am!

Now, before I start blabbing about the exciting stuff, I must say that Heathrow really needs to sort it’s Terminal 4 car park structure with regards to its entrance and exit. The reason being that, whilst hunting for Purple Parking, we visited various car parking levels, once we reached the bottom level, we were still unable to find it. Now, common sense suggests that you gradually make your way back up searching the levels once again but no, the car park at T4 requires you to exit and re enter said car park at higher levels paying £4.90 each time!

Anyway, back to the Heathrow airport experience, I think that I have discussed this to death in previous posts so I will spare the boredom this time (bar the fact that it went without a hitch!). It has recently occurred to me that traveling this way around the world i.e. moving forward through time zones is much harder than going back in time i.e. London to America, especially when it is a night flight hence today feels very much like a death day!

As I mentioned previously, we are staying at the Hotel Uzbekistan in Tashkent, one of the reasons being that it is one of the only accessible hotels in the city. Bar from looking a little outdated, it offers all the usual features i.e. roll in shower, seat plus a massive room…

As I booked my Uzbekistan trip through Exodus Travels, all the itinerary has been taken care of thus tomorrow we are having a private tour of this magnificent city 🙂

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