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Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan Itinerary

The sudden realisation that I’m traveling over to Central Asia this coming Tuesday terrifies me, not because of the actual places but the thought that we are just over 75% of the way through 2019…almost 2020!

Anyway, yes, you are probably thinking exactly why is one traveling to Uzbekistan of all places? That’s a very good question to ponder upon, one of which I do not have a detailed answer for, Central Asia seems an intriguing place to explore (bar Afghanistan?). For this week long trip, we are basing ourselves in the capital of Uzbekistan and the largest city in Central Asia, Tashkent staying in the Hotel Uzbekistan which is famous for its Soviet architecture.

During the trip, we have excursions planned to Samarkand (traveling on the almost new ‘bullet train’, yes, you heard that correct, Uzbekistan has a ‘bullet train’ which, rather embarrassingly reaches higher speeds than our IETs in the UK!) in addition to a day trip over the border in Shymkent.

Samarkand is situated along the old silk road which used to bring trade including silk and ceramics from China to Europe hence possesses magnificent architecture which has stood for many generations.

Why Shymkent? I have always wanted to visit Kazakhstan (not because of Borat may I add) and, as the city lies just a hour or twos drive from Tashkent, it seems the perfect opportunity to tick this country of the bucket list. I don’t quite know what is in Kazakhstans third largest city but the travel company has reassured me that a day can be made of the place!

Should be a fun adventure stepping into the unknown once again 🙂

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