My next adventure: Valletta (Malta) – May 2024

Day 4 – The Neris River Trek

Before I start blabbing on about todays happenings, I completely forgot to mention the escort service we experienced yesterday at the Vilnius TV Tower. As we approached the structure, signs began to appear showing a wheelchair and a Lithuanian phone number. We presumed that you could phone that number if you required assistance, however, we chugged on our own. The reason for the phone number became apparent when the signs began directing us towards a flight of steps (for which PAs decided to lift me up!). Once inside, we were approached by a member of staff (who talked little English) who basically told us that there is in fact an accessible entrance around the back but fenced off (hence the phone number being displayed) which we got to experience when exiting the building.

Anyway, back to today, it was always going to be a ‘make it up as you go’ day. Whilst wandering around Vilnius these past few days, it seems that the ‘in thing’ with regards to transportation is by electric scooters (basically conventional scooters fitted with a battery and a speed control). Of course, PAs were itching to have a go hence we walked down to the huge square beside Vilnius Cathedral to do so, not bad, 50 cent hire charge and then 10 cents per minute!

The Neris River runs through the heart of the city and then meanders through the various parks/forests leading out into the suburbs. Like many rivers, a level cycle path (well that is if you know the correct roads leading to it!) runs beside it. Despite having roads either side, it was rather peaceful as we walked/rolled along it, a nice change from the noise of the city! The thought of food directed off the path and into a rather run down suburb, however, the highlight of this area was most definitely UNO Park, if you know of Go Ape in the UK, it’s exactly that but mostly free (not accessible at all but hey!)…

As we approached the restaurant that Google Maps directed us to, the realisation dawned upon us that this may just be a conventional supermarket! Fear not though as another restaurant was bolted onto the side providing the best service thus far (the usual wait for food in Vilnius seems to be between 45 – 60 minutes)…it’s the unusual places that are the best!

Tomorrow afternoon, we head down to Vilnius railway station (which YouTube has kindly shown has minimal facilities) to catch the train to Minsk in Belarus. Now, according to YouTube, the train is fitted with lifts, whether it works is another story…

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